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Updated: Aug 24, 2017

Version: 1.1

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Developer: Gordon Telepun

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NOTE:  This is NOT the eclipse timing app for the 2017 eclipse called Solar Eclipse Timer (a paid app).
This is the free companion app called Solar Eclipse Timer GPS CONVERTER.  It is a simple GPS format converter.  Its ONLY function is to take GPS data in the Degrees, Minutes and Seconds format and convert that data to the Decimal format.  This app is a companion to the Solar Eclipse Timer app specifically to help eclipse observers for the 2017 USA eclipse.  It is designed for an emergency situation where smart phones cannot get GPS data and another source of GPS data is available, but in the DMS format, such as from a car's GPS system.

The path of the 2017 USA eclipse crosses large areas of the country where there is poor cell phone service.  This is especially true out West where the coverage tends to follow the main roads.   If you are relying on a navigation/timing app that requires cellular service and/or internet service you may not have data, therefore, not have geolocating ability in some areas.

Geolocation systems in iPhones and cellular enabled iPads use a number of complex methods to find your location in addition to using GPS satellites. It is a mixture of Wi-Fi, Assisted GPS, Digital Compass and Cellular information. The goal is to provide the most accurate geolocation information as quickly as possible. Most methods will require the use of cellular triangulation for rapid geolocation. Most likely, you have never been in a location where your smart phone used GPS satellite signals exclusively to geolocate.  Smart phones should be able to use native GPS signals but it unclear how and where this can be tested before eclipse day.

Furthermore, there is going to be a tremendous load of cellular usage on eclipse day and networks could get overloaded, be intermittent or go down.  You have to think about an alternate method to geolocate on the day of the eclipse.

That emergency method could be your car's navigation system, but you may get presented with data in the Decimal, Minute and Second format.  This companion app to Solar Eclipse Timer is a simple format converter that I am pleased to provide as a free download for this rare, but possible scenario.

The Solar Eclipse Timer app does all of the calculations for contact times in the app.  The only think you need are your GPS coordinates in decimal format and you can calculate your contact times.  Whatever way you can get your coordinates; your phone based on cellular geolocation, GPS satellites from your phone, a GPS handheld device, GPS in your car, path maps with coordinates, you just have to get those values into the app in decimal format and you are set,  the Solar Eclipse Timer app can time the eclipse because Solar Eclipse Timer does not require an internet connection to work.
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